Your Questions About Bird Watching

Your Questions About Bird Watching

Nancy asks…

What is there to possibly do in the tropical rain forest?!?

I have to write a two page “brochure” trying to lure people to come visit the tropical rain forest. I am supposed to talk about the wonderful things you can do there. I already have filled about a page telling all about the beautiful things you could see while hiking through there. What else could I mention? What DO people really do in the tropical rain forest besides hike and bird watch? Ideas would be fantastic! Thank you.

Admin answers:

The solution to this question is to look at brochures for rain forest tours.
Click the link for one example:

Michael asks…

help!!what bird is this?

I’m hoping somebody will help me. I’m from Ireland and feed the birds out in my back garden.with the heavy snow I have been feeding them quite a bit and have had many birds come in but everyday I have noticed that a little black bird about the size of a normal black bird has been coming in and out all day for the past few is on its is completely black except for a white ring around its neck and has a bright yellow beak. I have tried searching bird watch Ireland and cannot find it and have typed into Google to see if anything comes up but nothing.there is no contact info on bird watch Ireland so i cant email them and ask them.anyone who has been in my house and seen it say they have never seen one like it before. I’m hoping anyone can tell me what it is or guide me in the right direction.

Thanks in advance

Thank you all for your answers. I followed the link and I think this my fellow.although I am confused as it did say it was a migrating bird. I’ve been watching it all day it seems its nest is near by as it fly off for 5 Min’s then comes back.also a brown bird is with it now(the same bird but all brown with yellow beak)they come together and fly off together I’m thinking its the female. I will take a photo and upload it.

thanks again for all your help and I will keep you posted when i identify him.

Admin answers:

Your bird could be a Ring Ouzel, or a Blackbird that is a white carrier, which there are quite a few pieds in some areas,

Some female Blackbirds show white collars.

A ring Ouzel tends to be slightly speckled but if you look it up on the web just put into search Ring Ouzel

Jenny asks…

How can I get over my bird?

My family has two zebra finches, a boy and a girl. The girl laid about three or four eggs, one died, and the other never hatched, while one made a baby bird.

Well, the baby grew up a bit until he was old enough to do things himself, and we went on vacation while the birds stayed at my aunt’s house. As a thank you we gave her the baby bird and it did well for about a week or so.

Supposedly my cousin and his other cousin came over, and my cousin and my aunt were talking. The other guy just stayed outside with the bird, and he was kind of doing this kind of evil-ish smirky laugh.

My aunt didn’t know why he was laughing, but when he left she went around the cage and didn’t see the bird. We later found out that ******* a**hole had opened the cage and let her out! We never found her and

I got so sad thinking we had raised that bird, watched it grow, seen it walk on the stick near it’s little nest, and start to finally feed himself. I started crying last night. I didn’t want to give that bird away. I loved it.
Now it’s probably dead somewhere, it never grew up properly and I feel so terrible. I cry thinking about it.

Please help me get over this! I wanna feel happy but I don’t.
That’s so sad.

I don’t think she has or will come back. The cage is out there but it’s been a month.

Admin answers:

That is very sad. But when you think about it, it’s life. There are mean people and nice people. There are these global warming problems and we try to stop it, but if it won’t stop, that’s life. It’s what happened. It was supposed to happen. Things like this always happen. It is OK. I cry about my rat who died. And that was a year ago. It’s natural. Don’t force you body to feel happy. You have a natural way of doing things and YOU’LL figure it out.

Carol asks…

I have to get a Secret Santa gift for someone I work with, can anyone help with ideas?

I don’t know her very well as she works in a completely different sector at work – I fix the computers and she has something to do with the grounds. What I do know about her is that she is kind of a tree huger (i.e into conservation and everything), that she likes bird watching and I’ve also heard a few stories about her wild parties and heavy drinking sessions, but that’s all I’ve got on her. My budget is £5 and my deadline for getting a present is this Friday can anyone help me out? – Best suggestion gets the usual amount of points and a big thanks from me!

Admin answers:

Lush actually do a gift set called secret santa, for exactly £5 – it’s got some lemony soap called “Happy soap” and shower gel called “Happy Hippy” – sounds pretty close to ideal to me, as Lush is ethical, etc.

John asks…

Where’s the best place to look for this?

If I wanted to take up bird watching, where’s the best place to look for a bird‘s nest?

I live in town-house complex in the city, there are some pigeons that live in the complex, but that’s about it.

Anyone got any advice for this?

Admin answers:

Bird watchers do not look for bird nests. Your state Audubon Society can suggest places to watch the birds. Do not take a baby bird from a nest. It will die. Do not take an egg and try to hatch it and raise the bird, it will die. It is also a violation of Federal Law

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