Why You Should Go Bird Watching in Sian Ka’an

Why You Should Go Bird Watching in Sian Ka’an

Sian Ka’an is one of the most wished for destinations when it comes to birding and it is one of the best bird watching sites among birding communities. This place is a picturesque protected area which sits on the Riviera Maya close to Tulum Mexico has plenty to offer like the ancient Mayan ruins, rich flora and fauna and a lot more.

Sian Ka’an means “Where the sky is born”, and its name was given by the ancient Maya. This area of the Yucatan Peninsula features mainly flat landscape having limestone bedrock and hardly any real elevation.

Sian Ka'an Bird watching Tours

Sian Ka’an Bird watching Tours

You can hardly find real surface rivers yet the limestone bedrock as well as the sandy soil enables the rainfall in the area to filter through and be contained underground. This underground aquifer stretches not just underneath the Sian Ka’an grounds, however underneath the whole peninsula.

When it is rainy season such as from May to October, this nature reserve gets to be flooded with water turning wetland areas into small lakes which contain natural rich soil.

The Sian Ka’an is a UNESCO World Heritage nature reserve and the habitats found here are protected by the Mexican government; this reserve consists of lowland forests, lagoons, hummocks, mangroves as well as barrier reef These various habitats are home to more than 350 species of aquatic as well as terrestrial birds and are paradise for the bird watching lover.

Don’t miss the experience, go and grab your birding equipment. The carefully guided birding tour to Sian Ka’an will provide you the opportunity to witness with your own eyes most of the rarest avian species, plus some birds which you cannot see somewhere else anywhere! A total list of all birds endemic to the Yucatan peninsula could be seen here: Birding Sian Ka’an

A few of the rare birds which you can see in Sian Ka’an are the Yucatan Woodpecker, the Yellow fronted parrot. More than 40 of the bird species you are able to see in Yucatan are endemic and vacationers from around the globe come here to view them.

In case you are a bird watching junkie and desire to explore the Sian Ka’an biosphere reserve, then consider booking your trip early. This place is a protected habitat and it is only with organized tours that tourists are permitted to visit the place, where the guides will do everything possible to help protect the natural habitat and to make sure that the plant life and animals species will not suffer from the presence of mankind.

Each and every area of the Sian Ka’an is inhabited by birds however the most interesting place to check out is the “Bird Island” in the lagoon of San Miguel. This is an enchanting location in which a lot of tropical birds visit roost as well as raise their young. White Ibis, Pelicans, Herons, Frigates and many other species can be found in this area in large numbers.

A few of the birds in Sian Ka’an nature reserve are harder to see compared to others; if you’re looking for an uncommon bird, you can inform your guide that you want to see this certain bird specie, and they’ll do their very best to get you to a location where you are almost certainly to see it.

Indeed, bird watching is a nice activity that provides an awesome experience. In case you would like to see plenty of species of birds as possible, all you need to do is go to Sian Ka’an – we are confident that you’ll leave completely happy and even eager for your next visit to this wonderful as well as scenic place!

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